Monday, March 9, 2009

Kima ….. BloggerAid Cookbook Project!

The following picture is a recipe I have submitted to BloggerAid. BloggerAid plans to publish a cookbook, the proceeds from the cookbook will go to School Meals (a program of the World Food Programme). Please visit their website Here for more info about this project.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

After much heated debate….

I have posted the following pork chop recipe from “My recipes” website not because it was a tasty success but because it was not well received. I’d like to say that in my house this is a rare case ;-) However I have also included this dish because I really liked the ingredient list and am confident when properly combined would produce a fantastic meal. I did however make some minor substitutions because I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand. Instead of grated fresh ginger I used tea masala and instead of 1/3 cup orange juice I used Welch’s orange mango juice. Disclaimer: I am confident these minor substitutions had no adverse effect on the dish and isn’t the reason it did not fair well. I swear!

As I tried to follow the directions half way through I sensed something was wrong. My onions weren’t caramelizing (and I would like to note here I have never caramelized onions before). Instead what I got was a thick, stiff sauce. Looking back I should have just used it as a marinade for the chops. Instead I tried to stick it out and follow the instructions. I also added a few peanuts becuase I thought it would enhance the nuttiness of the peanut butter. The flavor in my opinion was fabulous. It was everything I love about Thai food sweet & tangy. However I would make some adjustments if I were to give this another go ‘round:
1) forget caramelizing the onions (at least until I can learn how to) just cut the onions thin
and fry in oil until crispy. At the end I would use them as a garnish.

2) use the sauce instead as a marinade for the pork chops (or chicken, beef) and then bake
or grill.

3) ditch the peanuts

And if anyone can offer advice on caramelizing I’d accept.
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